Man taken into custody on UMD campus after sparking gun alert

The Duluth university had earlier advised people to evacuate an area or take shelter.
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A man has been arrested by police on the University of Minnesota-Duluth campus after earlier sparking an alert that he was suicidal and in possession of a gun.

UMD issued an alert at 9:31 p.m. on Tuesday, warning students that there was a person in the university's medical or pharmacy school with a weapon.

Those in the area were told to either leave if it was safe to do so, or to take shelter where they were.

About a half-hour later, UMD tweeted that the man had been taken into custody and there was no longer any threat.

In a subsequent email sent out to the student body and followers, UMD said that it had received a report of a suicidal man on campus with a weapon.

However, no gun was found on the man when he was arrested, though charges may be filed against the suspect.

Normal service has resumed on campus, though most students are currently away for the holidays right now.

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