Man turned up at apartment to pay for sex, was robbed instead

Five young adults have been charged after the incident.
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Zachary Dawson, Jewell Higgins-Terrell, Karyssa Lieffring, Alexis Schnacky and Theodore Hodges.

Zachary Dawson, Jewell Higgins-Terrell, Karyssa Lieffring, Alexis Schnacky and Theodore Hodges.

A man who responded to an ad for an escort service turned up at a house expecting to pay for sex, but was instead robbed at gunpoint.

The robbery happened last Wednesday, when the victim arrived at a property on Lawson Avenue East in St. Paul "to engage in a 45-minute sexual encounter in exchange for $150," according to a criminal complaint.

It was there that he was met by a woman later identified as Alexis Schnacky, 19, who escorted him to an apartment, where they met Karyssa Lieffring, 22.

Schnacky asked if he had the money, at which point the victim revealed $150. It's at this point that three men walked into the living room, one of whom held a sawn-off shotgun and pointed it at the victim, saying: "Who's laughing now?"

They told the victim to get out of the house, and he was escorted by another man, who had a handgun at his side.

Once the victim was outside, he called police, who recognized the address as being linked with the No Days Sober street gang.

Police surrounded the property and eventually Theodore Hodges, 20, came out before fleeing back inside.

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After some time, Hodges, Lieffring, and Schnacky came out along with Zachary Dawson, 18, and Jewell Higgins-Terrell, 19, who were all taken into custody.

The suspects gave varying accounts as to what happened, but Schnacky told a police officer that it was her idea to "set up creepy men that want to buy p****," and posted an ad with photos of Lieffring and herself.

She also told police they'd committed another robbery on the same day.

The five have been charged with 1st degree aggravated robbery.

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