Man watching women through windows has south Minneapolis neighborhood on edge

He's been described as a bald, white man in a series of incidents.
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peeping Tom south Minneapolis

A series of Peeping Tom reports has a south Minneapolis neighborhood on edge. 

Earlier this week, a woman posted in the Whittier neighborhood Nextdoor group that her roommate saw a man standing on top of recycling bin and watching her through her upstairs window. They live near 22nd Street and Pleasant Avenue. 

Last weekend, just blocks away near 24th Street and Harriet Avenue, another woman wrote that a bald, white man, whom she believes to be in his 20s or 30s, was staring into her window at midnight. 

A third post to the neighborhood group said a bald, white male with a tattoo on the back of his neck unscrewed a light bulb on her porch to be less noticeable.

She said she was watching TV around 1 a.m. when she saw him peeking through her windows. 

“It makes you really uncomfortable in your own home, which I think you should be able to feel safe in your house,” one of the women, who do not wish to be identified, told WCCO.

Whittier neighborhood

It's not certain that each report is the same peeping Tom, but all of the accounts describe a white man with a medium build and bald head. 

Sgt. Darcy Horn of the Minneapolis Police Department tells Bring Me The News that "squads have been advised of incidents in the area and have been requested to provide extra patrols."

She adds: "Anyone who witnesses this type of behavior or sees anything suspicious is encouraged to call 911 and make a police report."

Earlier this year, a Facebook post about a separate Peeping Tom incident in Vadnais Heights went viral, after home security cameras captured footage of a man staring through a window at a woman inside in the middle of the night.

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