Man who said God told him to kill Blaine woman indicted for 1st degree murder

Daniel Kenning is facing premeditated murder charges.
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Daniel Kenning

The St. Cloud man who said God told him to kill a woman from Blaine has been indicted for 1st degree murder.

Daniel Kenning, 38, has been indicted on charges of 1st degree premeditated murder and 2nd degree intentional murder over the killing of 45-year-old Jennifer Lee Moy, of Blaine.

Kenning and Moy had met at a wedding and continued to talk via Facebook Messenger.

On Sept. 28, Kenning picked Moy up from her home and brought her to his home in St. Cloud. The next morning, he allegedly handcuffed her to a table and then strangled her.

He walked into a police station in St. Cloud and told officers he had just killed someone. He later told police that God had told him he needed to kill someone "and that he would be able to resurrect them."

An autopsy confirmed that Moy had die from probable asphyxiation.

Kenning won't appear in court to answer the indictment against him until after an examination of his mental competency to stand trial has been completed.

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