Man who yelled at young BLM protesters in viral video apologizes

The women who were yelled at have asked that charges not be filed.
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An ugly scene that became a viral video in southeastern Minnesota has ultimately led to an amicable resolution in recent days.

The incident in Kasson over the weekend saw three 19-year-old women protesting for Black Lives Matter at the corner of an intersection, where they were approached by an older man who was mowing grass nearby.

After telling them to stay away from the lawn he was mowing, he went on to say the women are "over-privileged little s----" who "need the s--- kicked out of you" and "your f------ asses beat."

The incident, which was videotaped and shared on TikTok, subsequently being viewed tens of thousands of times on social media, sparked an investigation by local police.

But on Tuesday, Kasson Police Department explained that the investigation has come to an end after the man in question reached out to police saying he wanted to apologize to them.

"He asked us to talk to the protesters to see if they were willing to meet with him. Later that day a meeting took place at the Kasson Police Department," a statement from Kasson PD read. "An apology was extended and accepted by the protestors. A productive dialogue ensued and the matter was resolved. The protestors are not asking for criminal charges to be filed."

Susie Paynter, whose daughter Ellie was one of the protesters, said in a Facebook post that the man's apology "seemed sincere" and the three women "encouraged him to educate himself on the BLM movement and gave him several reference points to start with."

"We would like to move on at this point and put the focus back on the real issues that exist in our country regarding the prejudices that POC face everyday. Thank you again for your support of these brave young women. They make their parents proud."

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Paynter said that the women were protesting during rush hour, holding Black Lives Matter signs, and while "many honked and waved in support of them," some "flipped them off or yelled as they drove by."

"Whatever," Paynter said.

Kasson PD said the actions shown by the man in the video "are not consistent with the values" of the department and the Kasson-Mantorville community.

"We strongly believe in the right to peacefully protest and of citizens to exercise their first amendment rights," it added. 

"We look forward to being part of the conversation as we work to maintain an inclusive, accepting community."

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