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Man's guns confiscated after raising alarm in south Minneapolis neighborhood

Alarming social media posts have triggered a police investigation.
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A scare has prompted police to confiscate guns from a man who sparked concern on social media after he was seen sitting in a vehicle outside a home in south Minneapolis. 

According to Minneapolis Police, the suspect's guns were taken Aug. 2 after he was seen sitting in a black BMW near the intersection of 42nd Ave. and Bryant Ave. S. in south Minneapolis – just a few blocks from the northeast shores of Lake Harriet. 

Social media posts shared to Facebook, Twitter and NextDoor say the man "had multiple weapons and loads of ammo in the vehicle, including two semi-automatic weapons" and a bulletproof vest. 

However, police have not confirmed the number or type of weapons taken from the man, other than to say that they were legally owned.

One post shared to social media says the man was watching a house "that happened to have a handmade anti-Trump sign in the window." Again, there is no confirmation that this is the reason he was sitting outside the house.

Minneapolis Police spokesperson John Elder said that "firearms" found in the vehicle are being held for safekeeping by police. 

Elder says the owner will need to "pass a firearms background check or obtain a court order before the firearms will be released to him." 

In the meantime, police have been alerted to the suspect and vehicle and will be keeping a an eye out while investigators review the Aug. 2 incident and the suspect's history. 

"We encourage anyone who notices that the suspicious vehicle involved in this incident has returned to the neighborhood to call 911 and tell the call taker that firearms were recovered from the suspicious vehicle on 8/2 as the driver was parked in the neighborhood," says MPD.

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