D.C. consultant rebuts Ilhan Omar affair, campaign spending allegations

Tom Mynett is rebutting the divorce filing made by his wife.
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The political consultant accused by his wife of having an affair with Rep. Ilhan Omar has denied it in a divorce rebuttal filed in Washington D.C.

The New York Post reports that Tim Mynett, a Democratic consultant who has worked with the Omar campaign, has accused his wife of trying to ruin his career as revenge for him leaving their marital home earlier this year.

She claims that he left her because he was having an affair with Omar, but Mynett's filing says: "Since the time of Mr. Mynett’s departure from the marital home, Ms. Mynett began a negative campaign against Mr. Mynett, seemingly in an effort to ruin his career and permanently damage his relationship with William [their son] and his step-daughter."

Omar has herself denied any romantic relationship between the two, and has since declined to comment on questions regarding her personal life.

While the private lives of politicians aren't typically considered "fair game" for much of the media, what brought this story to the forefront is that fact that Omar's campaign has spent more than $220,000 of its funds on services from Mynett's consultancy firm.

This raised concerns about the possibility campaign funds were being used to facilitate a personal relationship, but Mynett says in his filing that this wasn't the case.

Instead, he said his wife had initially pressured him into their marriage in 2012 after the birth of their son 6 years earlier, calling their marriage a "rollercoaster of highs and lows" that saw them discuss separation and divorce on multiple occasions.

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