Mayor Jacob Frey called out at George Floyd protest, gets booed

He was booed by the crowd when he failed to commit to defunding the MPD.
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A massive protest march in memory of George Floyd wound up outside the home of Mayor Jacob Frey, and his appearance didn't go down too well.l.

The mayor, who has been under pressure for his response to the protests and riots sparked by Floyd's death at the hands of city police, was called out by protesters and came to the front of the demonstration to answer questions.

He was asked point blank whether he would commit to defunding the Minneapolis Police Department at the Black Visions Collective march in Northeast Minneapolis , which comes amid calls from city council members including president Lisa Bender and Ward 5 councilor Jeremiah Ellison to "dismantle" the force in recent days.

His answer was no, promising sweeping changes instead, but this resulted in boos from the crowd that numbers in the thousands. The speaker, meanwhile, told him to "get the f*** outta here."

Here's some footage from the scene taken by WCCO's David Schuman. (Offensive language warning).

Frey on Friday approved a raft of changes to Minneapolis Police Department following an injunction filed by the Minnesota Department of Human Rights, which demanded changes including a ban on chokeholds, and a requirement for officers to report unauthorized use of force.

But councilors want the reforms to go further, to the point even of defunding and dismantling the police department, which has come under increasing scrutiny in the wake of Floyd's killing due to its culture and attitude particularly towards BIPOC (Black, indigenous, and people of color) communities.

Frey meanwhile has sought to increase the number of officers on city streets since becoming mayor, albeit at a significantly lower rate than that called for by police chief Medaria Arradondo.

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