Mayor responds after ICE agents smash window, pull man out of SUV in Minneapolis

The immigration enforcement agents apprehended the man in south Minneapolis.
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Agents with the controversial federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) department apprehended a man in south Minneapolis on Monday, after an activist group says they smashed a window to get him out of his car.

The Minnesota Immigrant Rights Action Committee posted images of the arrest on its Facebook page Monday morning, saying the incident happened around 7:20 a.m. at 42nd Avenue and Portland Avenue South.

In the post, MIRAC claimed: "Three of us arrived there within minutes to witness two unmarked all-black SUVs and 1 pickup stopped in the far left lane blocking traffic surrounding a car.

"We were too late. This person was most likely following the ‘know your rights’ advice that has been given to the community and did not open his car door. The ICE officers then proceeded to bust out the back window of his car to reach in, unlock the doors and drag this man to the ground."

The activist group posted pictures of the man's car afterwards, showing a smashed rear window and glass shards over a child seat in the back, which was not occupied.

ICE confirmed that the arrest had happened to KARE 11, saying that the 38-year-old man from El Salvador was taken into custody after a "lawful vehicle stop," saying he was an "immigration fugitive" with a prior misdemeanor conviction in Hennepin County in 2007, and had previously been deported in 2009.

He was also allegedly "uncooperative, refusing to exit his vehicle or follow police commands" and ICE were left with "no choice than to remove him from the vehicle."

Mayor Jacob Frey has responded to the incident, saying his office and Minneapolis PD "learned of this incident the same way many of you did – social media."

"That’s because there’s no requirement for federal agencies to contact local jurisdictions," he added. "I can confirm that MPD was not present nor were they contacted regarding the event."

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Minneapolis has partial sanctuary city status in that Minneapolis PD will not detain someone just to find out if they are in the country illegally, but don't block police from turning over suspects in custody to immigration authorities.

"Chief Arradondo and I have – and will again – reaffirm our commitment to standing with our immigrant communities," Frey added. "Know that MPD have not and will not cooperate with any such activity and are prohibited from taking action to detect or apprehend based solely on immigration status."

The Trump White House announced ICE agents would be conducting raids in a series of American cities on Sunday, as part of its broader deportation operation.

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