Mega Millions jackpot rockets to a record $1.6 billion

There have been no Mega Millions winners since July.
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This is getting so ridiculous, Mega Millions may have to change its name.

That's because Friday night's drawing produced no winners, bringing an already swelling jackpot to a record $1.6 billion.

As Washington Post writes, yes, that's billion "with a B."

There have been no Mega Millions jackpot winners since July, when a $543 million prize was divvied up among 11 co-workers in California.  

The ongoing lack of winners has sent the size of the jackpot soaring, and now, it rivals the biggest lottery jackpot of all time, which was the top prize in the 2016 Powerball – also $1.6 billion. 

Friday night's Mega Millions drawing numbers were 15, 23, 53, 65, 70, 7.

So far, no one's come forward to claim the winning ticket, meaning the jackpot will likely continue to break records.

The previous record for biggest Mega Millions prize was $656 million in 2012; it was split between winners in Kansas, Illinois, and Maryland, the Washington Post noted.

The next drawing is on Tuesday at 10 p.m. 

In case you're wondering, if you are lucky enough to win a jackpot this size and you wanted to go for the "cash option" (in other words, taking a lump sum instead of a series of payments spread out over decades), you'd be about $904 million richer, the Mega Millions website says. 

That is, however, before taxes. 

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