Men trapped inside burning Anoka home saved by sheriff's deputies

One deputy crawled through a broken window to save them.
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A deputy with the Anoka County Sheriff's Office saved the lives of two men trapped inside a burning home in Anoka on Wednesday morning. 

Responding to a house fire at the 139th Avenue block of Yucca Street NW, sheriff's deputies realized that a 60-year-old man couldn't get his 82-year-old relative out of the burning home's basement. 

Deputy Travis Bolles crawled through a busted out basement window and found the 82 year old on the floor, then carried him back to the window and lifted him out with the help of Deputy Nick Duren. 

Bolles then went back inside to help the 60 year old out. 

Both men were taken to the hospital in stable condition. 

"The deputies demonstrated a willingness to risk their own lives and safety in order to secure the lives of our citizens," said Anoka County Sheriff James Stuart

"At its core, this illustrates what sets our profession apart and why I am so grateful for all those who serve others in the public safety arena. I am confident that their actions made a huge difference in this situation and I commend them for their bravery."

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