Mendota Heights police call out teens for potentially deadly prank

Authorities say the pranksters purposely put a tree in the road Saturday morning.
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Police in Mendota Heights are reminding parents and their teens that pranks can have "severe consequences" following a close call this weekend.

On Saturday evening, the police department posted photos of a small tree trunk lying on a road, saying an SUV ran over it early Saturday morning:

"When the officer stopped out to check on the vehicle and it’s (sic) occupants, the officer could hear several voices laughing in the distance," the post said, adding that witnesses reported seeing "three teenage boys walking through yards nearby."

Luckily, the SUV was not damaged and no one inside was hurt, but as the police department points out, it would have been much worse if a motorcyclist had hit the tree instead.

"We are very happy tonight’s prank didn’t turn fatal," the post says.

The department didn't say whether they're pursuing the pranksters, but they're using the incident as an opportunity to remind the public about potentially dangerous hijinks.

"Parents of teens, please use this example to remind them pranks can go wrong with severe consequences."

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