Michael Bloomberg to make second campaign visit to Minnesota

This time, he'll be visiting the Twin Cities.
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Michael Bloomberg, the billionaire former Mayor of New York City, will be paying his second visit to Minnesota this month.

After spending time at a family soybean farm in Wells earlier in January, Bloomberg will be making two stops in Minneapolis this Thursday.

He will first be heading to Fairgrounds Coffee & Tea in the Minneapolis North Loop, where he will first meet with Kenya McKnight-Ahad, CEO and President of the Black Women’s Wealth Alliance.

From there he will make a short trip to 244 1st Avenue North in downtown Minneapolis, which is the location of his new Minnesota campaign office, which he'll officially open Thursday afternoon.

It marks a significant investment in Minnesota by Bloomberg, who has already spent more than $100 million on national TV ads since launching his campaign in the fall.

Minnesota is not only one of the Super Tuesday states, with voters casting their presidential primary votes on Mar. 3, but has also already opened its absentee voting as of this past Friday.

The average of the most recent polls of Democratic presidential candidates puts Bloomberg in fifth place at around 7 percent, behind Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren and Pete Buttigieg.

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