Minneapolis bar sorry after 'not authorized' Facebook post blames Black Lives Matter for fire

The bar burned down in the Thursday night riots.
Hexagon Bar

A Minneapolis bar destroyed in the Twin Cities unrest has apologized after a post on its Facebook page initially blamed Black Lives Matter for the fire

The post on the Facebook page of the Hexagon Bar, at 2600 27th Ave. S., read: "Due to arsonist's connected to 'Black Lives Matter' the Hexagon will be closed until further notice.

"Plans for rebuilding are in progress. We would like to 'thank our community' for all their support and condolences for such an outstandingly shocking, lawless activities that seek to destroy our neighborhood & Community."

Here's a look at the damage done to the bar on Thursday night,

The post has since been deleted and replaced with another post saying: "Hexagon will be closed until further notice. Plans for rebuilding are in progress. We would Like to "Thank our Community" for all their support and condolences."

It then issued a clarification saying that the offending post was "not authorized." 

"Any previous postings regarding the disaster was not authorized," it posted. "We apologize for any miss communications [sic]. We Thank our community for their ongoing support."

The Hexagon Bar has been a staple in the Seward neighborhood since 1934, with CityPages noting it is so named for its hexagonal wooden bar.

At this stage, no arrests have been made in connection to its fire, which happened during the widespread rioting in Minneapolis on Thursday evening.

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