Minneapolis changes rates, enforcement hours, time limits to more than 2,600 downtown parking meters

The changes went into effect on Monday.
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The next time you park on the street in downtown Minneapolis you can expect some changes. 

The City of Minneapolis announced Monday that changes, effective immediately, will be seen across 2,626 parking spaces in the downtown area (map below). The changes represent some price increases, decreases, hours of enforcement and a reduction for a maximum time limit at many downtown meters. 

Screen Shot 2019-04-15 at 3.09.55 PM

City officials didn't provide details about how much more or less it could cost, only saying "there is not an across the board" increase. 

"The increase/decrease of rates are reflective of the area in which the meters are serving," a city spokesperson said.

The biggest impact the adjustments will create are for time limits, with "many" of the 2,626 street parking spots going to 2-hour limits. City officials say this is the case "especially east of 5th Ave. S. due to development in this part of town." 

Examples where 2-hour limits are now being enforced: 

  • Ground floor retail locations
  • Commons Park
  • Near Wells Fargo, Thrivent Financial, Kraus Anderson and other businesses
  • High density residential areas.

People who are used to using street parking for longer than two hours are being encouraged to find off-street alternatives. 

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