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Minneapolis city and police websites taken down in alleged 'Anonymous' hack

The infamous hacker group also released a video criticizing the MPD.

You might have some trouble accessing a couple of Minneapolis's official webpages, including the police department's website. 

As of writing, the sites are requiring all visitors to pass "captcha" tests (the ones that make you solve a visual puzzle to ensure you're human). This comes after the site was taken down completely over the weekend — a move being attributed to Anonymous, a clandestine organization of hackers.

The takedown came two days after the notorious group released a video titled "Anonymous Message to the Minneapolis Police Department." 

In it, a figure wearing a Guy Fawkes mask — a hallmark of the Anonymous movement — calls for criminal charges against all the officers involved in George Floyd's death, and vows to expose the "many crimes" of the MPD:

The hackers haven't directly taken credit for the website outage, but as Variety notes, their Twitter account did retweet a number of users who attributed the attack to Anonymous.

The captcha tests are a "signal the sites were experiencing a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack, designed to render an internet service unusable by flooding it with bogus traffic," the magazine says.

The resurfacing of Anonymous comes years after "relative inactivity" from the group, News 18 says. 

BringMeTheNews has reached out to the city for comment on this story. 

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