Minneapolis cop cars to be fitted with signs informing undocumented immigrants of ICE rights

The change was announced during Jacob Frey's first 'State of the City' speech.
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Minneapolis police squad cars will be fitted with placards showing an undocumented person's rights as they relate to Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

The move was announced on Thursday by Mayor Jacob Frey during his first State of the City address, in which he said undocumented immigrants should have the same clarity about ICE procedures as everyone does via Miranda rights.

"Sworn officers throughout the United States are required to plainly state the rights provided to those being detained in the form of Miranda," Frey said.

"I believe that those who are undocumented should be aware of their rights with the same level of clarity. That’s why today we are announcing that Minneapolis police cars will soon be outfitted with language from our City Attorney’s Office outlining those rights.

"We will be installing placards with language – in both English and Spanish – detailing a person’s rights as far as they relate to ICE.

"We will not let the lack of compassion demonstrated at the highest levels of our government prevent us from doing right by our immigrant community."

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Frey's decision comes amid wider debate nationally over the increased intensity of ICE deportations, which has included undocumented immigrants even if they haven't got a criminal record.

Despite claims otherwise, Minneapolis isn't fully considered a "sanctuary city" for undocumented immigrants.

While it has the immigration separation ordinance, preventing officers from stopping someone just to inquire as to their immigration status, Minneapolis doesn't block police from turning over arrested suspects to ICE.

You can read more about the Twin Cities' sanctuary status here.

Here's Frey's full State of the City address, during which he also launched a Stable Schools, Stable Homes initiative design to help students and families facing homelessness and family instability.

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