Minneapolis man cleared after 5 years in prison for crime he didn't commit

Javon Davis was convicted of a shooting near Target Field, which took place in 2014.
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A Minneapolis man convicted in a 2014 shooting has been cleared of all charges after spending five years incarcerated.

According to a press release from nonprofit The Innocence Project, the Hennepin County Attorney’s Office has dismissed charges against Javon Davis, who was convicted of attempted murder in 2015 for his alleged involvement in a shooting near Target Field.

The shooting occurred in April 2014, leaving two men injured. One victim at the original trial testified that Davis was not at the scene, and Davis' alibi that he was on the phone with a girlfriend several miles away was supported by cell phone records.

But key evidence was not presented to the jury at the original trial, which The Innocence Project worked to bring to light. A district judge vacated charges against Davis earlier this month.

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The Innocence Project also worked alongside University of Minnesota law students and a pro bono attorney, Jon Hopeman.

"We appreciate the professionalism and courtesy shown to us by members of the Hennepin County Attorney’s Office during this case”, said Hopeman.

"Being wrongfully accused of a crime is a horrific experience. We at the Innocence Project of Minnesota were able to make sure the justice system got it right. We are thrilled that Mr. Davis is home with his family. He wants to resume coaching youth basketball, get a job, and take care of his children – enjoying the daily freedoms that ordinary citizens often take for granted."

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