Minneapolis mayor, council agree on plan to hire more cops

Friday's deal ends an impasse over spending on police.
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Mayor Jacob Frey and his police chief wanted a lot more cops on the city's streets; for various reasons, the City Council wasn't completely on board with the idea.

But on Friday, the two sides met in the middle, and Minneapolis will soon get more police officers.

According to a tweet from Frey, the budget deal struck with the council will see the addition of an entire class of new police recruits in 2020. 

The mayor's initial proposal, made this past summer, called for 14 additional officers over the coming year. This received pushback from the council over concerns it would mean a major increase in property taxes, while members of the city's black community protested that the local government should "fund our communities, not cops."

As FOX 9 reports, Friday's deal will likely mean more new officers than what Frey initially proposed, but the council agreed to the plan in exchange for "modest reductions elsewhere in MPD's budget and additional funding for the city's Office of Violence Prevention."

The deal will also not increase the city's current cap on sworn police officers (which is 888), "as Frey's initial plan would have," the station says.

However, as the Star Tribune notes, the additional class of recruits does "bring the force closer to its approved size" — an improvement, considering the department is "consistently below 888 sworn officers."

As for the effect on taxpayers, the deal will have "no impact on the property tax levy this year or in future years" thanks to budget reallocations, Frey's office said in a letter to the council. 

City police chief Medaria Arradondo has called for an extra 400 sworn police officers be added to the force by 2025 to keep up with rising population.

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