Minneapolis mayor Jacob Frey slams Tim Pawlenty mailer featuring city cops

He says it violates city guidelines.
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Minneapolis mayor Jacob Frey has condemned a political mailer from gubernatorial candidate Tim Pawlenty that features several uniformed members of the city's police department.

The mailer shows Pawlenty, his running mate Michelle Fischbach and several members of the Minneapolis Police Federation including president Bob Kroll, who have endorsed Pawlenty's candidacy for this year's election.

The mailer says: "Our state is wasting millions on benefits for those here illegally. That’s not right. I will enforce our laws and be a strong voice for hardworking Minnesotans."

This is in apparent contravention of the city's separation ordinance, whereby police do not ask residents about their immigration status. Frey says this "is not an advisory guideline that can be selectively ignored," nor can it be changed by Pawlenty even if he becomes governor.

Frey says the officers are also violating MPD policy by featuring the department's patch and badge in the advertisement, which should be blurred, while language on the mailer should make it clear "that it is NOT an endorsement of the MPD," Frey said.

Both the mayor and MPD chief Medaria Arradondo are now working to get the mailer and any online materials updated to include the disclaimer and either blur the MPD patch and badge or remove the images if they can't be blurred.

No comment has been made yet by the police federation or by the Pawlenty campaign, the Star Tribune notes.

It comes at a time when tensions between the police union, Frey and City Hall are high, particularly following the shooting of Thurman Blevins by police on June 23.

The Minneapolis City Council is currently discussing efforts to take more oversight powers away from the mayor so it can be shared with the council, a measure that is opposed by both Frey and Arradondo.

Here's a look at the mailer in question.

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