Minneapolis musician shot in the stomach while walking home Friday

He was walking near his home in northeast Minneapolis.
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A member of a Minneapolis band was mugged and shot before his band was about to perform at 331 Club in northeast Minneapolis on Friday night. 

According to GoFundMe, Aaron "Hix" Lee, a musician with Red Daughters, was walking home in northeast Minneapolis with his girlfriend when a car pulled up and out jumped a man with a gun, demanding they hand over their phones and wallets. 

Lee and his girlfriend complied only to have the attacker turn around and shoot, "leaving Hix and Kate in a terrifying bloody aftermath," the GoFundMe says. 

Fortunately, Kate was able to keep her phone and dial 911 immediately after the shooting. Lee was rushed to the hospital for surgery, with the bullet penetrating just beneath his belly button, hitting his colon and severing his iliac vein and then lodging into his leg. 

The bullet will remain in Lee's leg for the rest of his life. 

An update to Lee's condition on Saturday afternoon said he was headed for a third surgery with fears that he may still be suffering from internal bleeding. 

The fundraiser is in place to help Lee pay for medical bills and cost of living, as he is without health insurance and will be out of work for a considerable period of time. 

"A musician in several bands at night, and by day; a commercial painter, as well as learning to be an electrician on recreational boats," the fundraiser says. "Unfortunately, none of these hats come with Health Insurance or short term benefit package that will pay him a salary while he is recovering."

Red Daughters posted on Facebook saying "Hix is the heart and soul" of the band and the "best friend anyone could ask for."

As of 5:45 p.m. Saturday the fundraiser had already generated more than $20,000. 

It's unclear if there are any suspects in the shooting. 

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