Minneapolis officials: 1,025 properties damaged during riots

A map shows what buildings were damaged and how severely.
minneapolis damaged properties map

Minneapolis officials say 1,025 properties were damaged, burned or destroyed during the unrest that followed the killing of George Floyd on May 25. 

The figure does not include the number of actual buildings or businesses that were damaged, just the number of parcels that sustained any type of damage during the civil unrest – some parcels have more than one building or businesses, Rebecca Malmquist, the director of assessments for Minneapolis, said during a news conference Tuesday.

City officials released a map (above) Tuesday that shows the damage done during the riots, with the majority of the destruction located in the Lake Street area of south Minneapolis. 

The map features yellow, orange, light red and dark red markers. There are 885 yellow properties, which sustained cosmetic damage to roof or siding, trees or other landscaping. 

There are 56 orange markers, which represent properties that sustained non-structural damage to the interior and exterior. Thirty-one markers represent properties that had partial or full roof or wall collapses, while the dark red markers show the 53 properties that were essentially destroyed. 

Erik Hansen, director of economic policy and development in the City of Minneapolis, said the events for the last few weeks have exacerbated what's happened over the last few months with COVID-19 and the history of the city itself.

"It's going to take a long time to get a number" to quantify how much damage was done, Hansen said, noting the impact of the damage done during the unrest has disproportionately impacted neighborhoods that were already suffering from displacement and economic downturns. 

The city surveyed the streets of Minneapolis, with many properties experiencing different levels of damage. Steve Poor, with the city's community planning and economic development, said more than a dozen buildings were catastrophically damaged and had to be torn down. 

The map above categorizes the different types of damage, with the yellow dots representing buildings affected or those that sustained cosmetic damage. Then there are the buildings that sustained minor damage (no substantial structural damage to the property), major damage (properties uninhabitable, minor failures of structural elements, but don't need to be demolished) and buildings that have been destroyed. 

Poor notes that the properties on the map often had several storefronts or businesses, so the impact is "very great." 

But it wasn't just businesses affected by the unrest. Andrea Brennan, with the City of Minneapolis, said three affordable multi-family developments were damaged. She noted that 35 households were displaced from their homes due to fire and damage.

During the news conference, city officials touched on a variety of topics, including structural racism within the city, recovery efforts underway following the riots, affordable housing, and what the city is doing to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

You can watch the entire hour-long news conference below. 

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