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Minneapolis Park Board clears homeless encampment at Peavey Park

A dozen tents were at the park when the park board gave notice to vacate last month.

A 12-tent homeless encampment at Peavey Park in Minneapolis was cleared Thursday morning.

The Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board (MPRB) said it issued notices to vacate the encampment on Aug. 10 and outreach workers have been on the site offering assistance in helping people move to other locations.

“Since Aug. 10, we have sought a peaceful disbandment of the camp, as we have disbanded other camps in the park system. The use of law enforcement has been a last resort at Peavey, as it was at Powderhorn Park,” Superintendent Alfred Bangoura said.

Clearing the encampments in city parks aligns with directives in a resolution the board passed in July, which includes limiting encampment sites and not allowing encampments to be located in safe school zones. 

The Peavey Park encampment is near the K-12 Hope Academy, and parents of students have asked the encampment be removed so the kids can access the play equipment, athletic courts and field, MPRB says.  

“We need to begin healing as a city. Cleaning up this park is needed for these kids and all kids in this community. Our children have been through a lot of trauma and they need a place to play,” Board Vice President LaTrisha Vetaw said in a statement.

Once the encampment is cleared of people, park staff will clean the area and remove belongings that were left behind.

Over the summer, the MPRB removed encampments at Powderhorn Park.

The MPRB has a website dedicated to its encampment process. You can find it here

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