Minneapolis planning director resigns days before hearing to fire him

Minneapolis City Council was due to meet Monday to discuss removing David Frank.
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The director of Minneapolis' Community Planning and Economic Development (CPED) department has resigned just days before councilors were due to meet to remove him from his position.

The City of Minneapolis confirmed Thursday that David Frank has resigned from the CPED post, with his resignation being accepted by Mayor Jacob Frey and Council President Lisa Bender.

The council had been due to hold a special meeting on Monday in which it was set to decide whether to remove Frank from his position, a meeting which has now been canceled.

It came after a meeting of the Minneapolis Executive Committee earlier this week, in which it was decided that Frank should be suspended for five days, and that his removal be recommended to the full council.

According to the Star Tribune, Frank had authorized a separation agreement with an appointed employee that would see them leave the city on Mar. 6, but continue to be paid until May 31.

These terms were not approved by the council, though Frank claims he thought he had the power to approve such a deal.

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Frank has been in charge of CPED – which coordinates the city's affordable housing plans and long term development goals, including the Minneapolis 2040 plan – for the past three years, the first of which was on an interim basis.

He had joined the city in 2011, and prior to joining CPED had been the Director of Transit Development.

Before this, he was the director of development at real estate developers Schafer Richardson, having joined the group after spending six years at a redevelopment agency in Portland, Oregon.

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