Minneapolis releases body cam footage of Thurman Blevins shooting

Mayor Jacob Frey had promised the footage by the end of the month.
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The City of Minneapolis has released three body cam videos showing the fatal shooting of Thurman Blevins by Minneapolis police officers.

Two videos of raw footage and a "stabilized and analyzed" video produced by the National Center for Audio & Video Forensics shows the chase involving officers Justin Schmidt and Ryan Kelly and the 31-year-old Blevins on Saturday, June 23.

The footage shows that Blevins was running away from the officers and had his back turned when he was shot, while a slowed-down part of the video circles what appears to be a gun in his right hand.

A handgun was recovered from the scene after Blevins was shot.

The chase started when the officers came across him on the corner of a street, next to a woman and a child. They'd been called to a report of a man matching his description shooting a gun in the air.

As they slow down, one of the officers notes he appears to have a bottle of gin in his hand, before saying: "He's got a gun."

The raw video shows the officers then spring out of the car, shouting at Blevins: "Put your f------ hands up now" – startling both Blevins and the woman and child, before pulling their own weapons as Blevins took off.

During the chase, Officer Schmidt shouts on several occasions to stop, at one point saying: "Put your f------ hands up! I will f------ shoot you."

While he's being chased, Blevins can be heard to say: "Please don't shoot!"

Moments before the first shot is fired, Blevins can be heard saying: "Leave me alone."

The videos have been released after the Mayor of Minneapolis, Jacob Frey, had pledged that the city would be as transparent as possible about the investigation into the Blevins shooting.

The officers are on standard paid administrative leave, with the investigation continuing.

The stabilized and analyzed video can be viewed by clicking this link. WARNING, it is graphic, featuring both extreme violence and language. 

Should you wish to see the raw footage – which is even more extreme, you can do so here.

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