Minneapolis reveals its 'Know-Your-ICE Rights' placards

They'll be placed in Minneapolis police squad cars.
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Minneapolis has revealed the placards that will be placed in the city's police cars informing people of their rights as it pertains to immigration enforcement.

Dubbed "Know-Your-ICE-Rights" placards, they were unveiled by Minneapolis mayor Jacob Frey on Wednesday.

He had pledged in his State of the City address to introduce the placards, saying undocumented immigrants should have the same clarity about ICE procedures as everyone does via Miranda rights.

The placard states that an undocumented immigrant who is taken to jail does not have to answer questions about where they were born, what their immigration status is, or if they're a U.S. citizen.

It also informs them they can choose to say nothing and choose not to speak to immigration officials, and provides a warning not to give authorities any false information.

The placards will be displayed in both English and Spanish.

Frey's decision comes amid wider debate nationally over the increased intensity of ICE deportations, which has included undocumented immigrants even if they haven't got a criminal record.

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But it's been described as "simply insane" by Lt. Bob Kroll, president of the Minneapolis Police Officers Federation, telling FOX 9: "With 200 shooting victims in the city year to date, the political response is to be sure and advise people who are here ILLEGALLY of their rights, while in the back of a squad car. It’s simply insane.”

Despite claims otherwise, Minneapolis isn't fully considered a "sanctuary city" for undocumented immigrants.

While it has the immigration separation ordinance, preventing officers from stopping someone just to inquire as to their immigration status, Minneapolis doesn't block police from turning over arrested suspects to ICE.

You can read more about the Twin Cities' sanctuary status here.

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