Minneapolis school buses running up to 90 minutes late on Tuesday

It's due to a possible gas leak at the bus contractor site.
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Parents with children who take the bus home from Minneapolis schools are being informed that their kids might be late by an hour to 90 minutes due to a delay in bus services on Tuesday. 

Minneapolis Public Schools said it's experiencing "significant bus transportation delays this afternoon due to issues beyond our control at a bus contractor’s terminal. Buses may be an hour to an hour and a half behind schedule."

Students will still get out of school at normal times, but in cases where the buses are late, students will "be supported at their schools until their buses arrive." 

A school spokesperson told KSTP that a potential gas leak at the district's bus contractor is the reason for the delay. 

Here are the affected buses:

Andersen 6
Anishinabe 3
Anishinabe 4
Anishinabe 8
Anthony CSP D
Anwatin 4
Bancroft CSP C
Barton 13
Barton 2
Dowling 9
Dowling CSP B
Emerson 3
Emerson CSP A
Field 6
Field CSP A
Franklin 4
Franklin 7
Green 3
Hall 5
Heritage 2
Heritage 7
Hmong 8
Howe/Hiawatha 4
Howe/Hiawatha 5
Jefferson 9
Jefferson CSP A
Keewaydin 3
Keewaydin CSP A
Keewaydin CSP C
Laney 1
Laney 2
Lind 5
Lk Harr Lower 9
Lk Harriet 6
Marcy 12
Marcy 3
North SPAN 1
Northeast CSP C
Northeast E
Olson CSP B
Pillsbury 3
Riverbend S
Seward 14
Sheridan 7
Wenonah 3
Whittier 3
Whittier 4
Whittier CSP D
Windom 4

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