Minneapolis takes action against Crave Restaurant after weekend shooting

There were chaotic scenes after shots were fired at its rooftop bar.
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Crave Restaurant has received a violation notice from the City of Minneapolis stemming from the weekend incident that saw shots fired on its rooftop patio.

A man and a woman were injured in the shooting, with officers arriving in the early hours of Saturday morning to find a "chaotic scene" as people fled the building.

Now, the City of Minneapolis has issued a citation against the Hennepin Avenue restaurant and bar.

It states that Crave failed to prevent criminal activity at its bar, violating an ordinance that states licensed businesses must "provide adequate security to prevent criminal activity, loitering, lurking and disorderly conduct" on the premises.

The city is asking Crave to set out what steps it will take to prevent such a shooting in the future, including how it will stop guns from getting onto its premises, and what procedures will be put in place to evacuate patrons in the event of an emergency.

It has issued Crave with 17 questions to help it determine its security improvements, including how it will deal with disorderly patrons and "high-level criminal activity."

The city had originally issued another violation notice relating to the behavior of a Crave employee on the night of the shooting.

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According to the violation notice sent to BMTN, an employee of Crave "twice tried to get back inside" the restaurant after it had been evacuated and locked down by police.

"Upon his second attempt to get back in, he became verbally and physically resistant to officers," at which point he was arrested.

However, the violation notice has been withdrawn by the city, which is no longer pursuing action against the employee.

There have been no arrests made since the shooting, with police continuing to investigate the incident.

The citations are standard procedure in the event of such an incident, the Star Tribune notes, with a City of Minneapolis spokeswoman saying Crave has no history of license violations.

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