Minnesota Arby's in national spotlight for 'only well behaved children' are welcome sign

The sign was removed as soon as corporate officials learned of it.
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Arby's in Elk River is in the national spotlight after posting a sign to the door telling parents that "only well behaved children" are welcome. 

"Only well behaved children who can keep their food on their trays and their bottoms on their seats are welcome. If you can't do this you will be asked to leave," the sign read.

The photo was taken by Christine Hennessey-Hemsworth, of nearby Princeton, who told TODAY that she saw the signage when she brought her children to the Arby's on Oct. 6. 

Reaction to the story on social media ranges from approval for demanding children are well behaved to others calling it a major no-no. Among the responses: 

– "Go home, Arby’s, you are drunk."

– "Apparently we run a tight ship here in Elk River!"

– "I wanna take the worst kids in the city here."

– "Take a moment to realize certain people find it offensive that they asked to teach their children the BARE MINIMUM of manners."

Other responses on social media suggest the sign wasn't targeting parents of innocent children, but students who visit the restaurant after school and cause disruptions. 

"There’s much more to the story," a Twitter user posted Monday night. "For months & months, middle school students walk to Arby’s after school. Many of them (not all, but many) spend their time being disruptive, making messes, & being generally disrespectful."

Regardless, Arby's released a statement obtained by Fox News that indicates the sign was removed as soon as corporate officials were notified.

“We recognize the language on this sign was insensitive. We removed it quickly, and have disciplined the manager and team working at the restaurant. It does not reflect our company values and the family-friendly environment we aim to provide in all of our restaurants.” 

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