Minnesota couple among passengers trapped on stranded Viking Sky cruise near Norway

The ship's engine died, leaving the cruise afloat in rough waters.
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What was supposed to be a relaxing cruise from Berge, Norway, to southeast England instead became a weekend of trapped terror for a couple from northern Minnesota.

The Stare Tribune and KSTP report Judy Lemieux and Rodney Horgen, from the town of Deer River, were on the ill-fated Viking Sky cruise ship that became stranded in rough waters over the weekend.

The ship was off the coast of Norway when it abruptly lost power in a strong storm Saturday morning. Waves more than 20 feet high crashed into the liner and threw water onboard. Viral video shared from on board the ship showed it rocking back and forth, tossing passengers and furniture alike.

On the vessel were Lemieux and Horgen, wearing life jackets as the ship anchored in place in order to begin helicopter evacuations.

Because of the rough waters, rescuers couldn't reach the cruise ship by boat. Instead, they began removing passengers from the ship one by one via helicopter, hovering in place overhead as a line was dropped down, then lifting the single passenger through the air and into the chopper, as CBC news explains.

That effort started Saturday. The Minnesotans were among the 479 passengers rescued that way, Horgen told the Star Tribune.

By Sunday morning however, the ship's captain believed waters were calm enough to make it to a nearby port, CBS News reports. So with the aid of tugboats, the Viking cruise liner lifted anchor and slowly traveled to Molde, where it docked Sunday afternoon with the remaining 436 passengers and 458 crew members.

The Red Cross said that "bruising, broken bones and cuts" were the extent of the physical injuries.

Horgen told KSTP being on the ship was "very, very frightening."

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