Minnesota DFLers back Keith Ellison with endorsement amid abuse allegations

He was endorsed by the party on Saturday.
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Keith Ellison received the backing of the Minnesota DFL party, who endorsed his run for Attorney General on Saturday.

Ellison has been pressured by an allegation of domestic abuse from ex-girlfriend, Karen Monahan, which he has denied.

The allegation came just days before the primary. She said she was subjected to "narcissist abuse" by Ellison, claiming she has video of him dragging her off a bed by her feet. She hasn't released the video and doesn't intend to, while Ellison denies it exists.

On Saturday, the DFL's central committee met in Cambridge, where they gave Ellison the endorsement four days after he easily won the state's primary.

In a statement, DFL chair Ken Martin said the party "stands with him in his campaign" as they look to keep Democratic control of the AG's office.

"As Attorney General, Keith will be a champion for families and fight to hold powerful interests accountable," Martin said.

"With Ellison in place as the People’s Lawyer, voters can trust that their best interests will be priority number one. From predatory landlords, to opioid manufacturers to employers with discriminatory hiring practices, Keith Ellison will ensure all Minnesotans will enjoy a fair economy and equal opportunity."

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Ellison's GOP opponent, Doug Wardlow, said the DFL has endorsed an "extremist."

In a statement, Wardlow accused the Democrats of hypocrisy, saying they "preached that we must believe domestic violence victims. That is, until it is one of their own."

"This endorsement is not only disturbing, but it goes to show that they will put politics above all," the Republican said.

He also called on one of Ellison's strongest supporters, Sen. Bernie Sanders, to rescind his endorsement of Ellison.

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