Minnesota DNR to place 26 dumpsters for deer carcasses in CWD-hit areas

With hunting season imminent, the DNR is taking efforts to prevent the spread of CWD.
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The Minnesota DNR is this firearms season making 26 deer carcass dumpsters available across parts of the state afflicted by Chronic Wasting Disease.

The dumpsters will be placed in various locations across north-central and southeast Minnesota during hunting season, which gets underway this weekend.

"These dumpsters will be in place in time for the hunting opener, and they’re an important part of the plan to combat CWD by helping hunters comply with carcass movement restrictions in CWD zones," said Bryan Lueth, DNR habitat program manager.

Hunters in the north-central and southeast CWD management zones and the southeast CWD control zones must register all their deer, complete CWD sampling tests, and keep the whole carcasses within the zone until it's given the all-clear.

The dumpsters will allow hunters to quarter their deer and dispose of the carcass while still within the management and control zones.

You can find the locations of the dumpsters below.

"Before you hunt, plan ahead so that after you have your deer sampled for CWD, you have what you need to properly quarter your deer and take meat out of the zone," Lueth said. "Also consider if you want taxidermy work done. We tell hunters to plan as if you are going to shoot the biggest buck of your life."

In an attempt to control the spread of CWD, hunters are able to harvest an unlimited number of antlerless deer in areas of southeast Minnesota and north-central Minnesota with CWD. 

Hunters are also able to bag up to three bucks in the CWD-affected zones in southeast Minnesota, while antler tagging points are canceled in those zones.

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Since CWD was first detected in Minnesota in 2002, only 54 wild deer have tested positive out of 72,000 checked by the DNR.

The disease is fatal to deer, and also affects elk and moose.

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