Minnesota GOP tells supporters: Don't display flags from State Fair SkyGlider

The GOP has been warned by State Fair officials.

The Minnesota Republican Party is asking its supporters not to take part in a planned flag/banner drop on the Sky Glider at the Minnesota State Fair this weekend.

In a newsletter to followers, the GOP said it has received a warning letter from State Fair officials after a group of Republicans displayed the flags and banners from the ride earlier this week.

With another planned this weekend, the GOP says it will take action against any party members involved, warning that is faces losing its stand at the fair for future years if it happens again.

"We have received a fair warning from the Minnesota State Fair, and appreciate that courtesy," Minnesota GOP chairwoman Jennifer Carnahan wrote. "We take this notification very seriously."

"Anyone currently holding any type of position within the MN GOP organization ... involved in any future unsanctioned and illegal activity as of Friday, Aug. 30, 11:30 am ... will not be recognized by the MN GOP moving forward."

"As Republicans, we are law-abiding citizens. If any illegal or unsanctioned activity happens between now and the end of the fair, those involved put our organization AT RISK FOR LOSING OUR SPACE AT THE MINNESOTA STATE FAIR, and also jeopardize other Republican organizations that may seek a booth space in the future."

The warning letter from the State Fair explained that it had become aware of a plan to distribute banners or flags to people going onto the SkyGlider, which is in contravention of rules that say you can't distribute materials from unsanctioned spaces.

"In addition, the display or use of banners or flags by individuals riding the SkyGlider or any other amusement ride at the Fair is prohibited as a safety hazard," it adds.

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