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Minnesota joins lawsuit to block President Trump's border emergency declaration

Attorney General Keith Ellison says Minnesota will join 15 other states in the lawsuit.
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Minnesota will join the list of more than a dozen states suing to prevent President Donald Trump using a national emergency declaration to fund construction of a border wall.

Attorney General Keith Ellison announced on Monday evening that Minnesota would join 15 other states in a lawsuit that was initially filed by California's Attorney General in the U.S. District Court of Northern California.

The president's decision to declare a national emergency relating to immigration at the southern border, in order to divert funds into building a border wall, represents a "clear overreach of the power of the executive branch," Ellison said.

He accused the president of "manufacturing a crisis – at a time when unauthorized border-crossings are at a 20-year low — that endangers the balance of powers at the root of our Constitution."

He also says that the declaration would cause "short and long-term harm" to the people of Minnesota, raising the possibility it would divert funds that had been earmarked for the National Guard in Minnesota.

The president declared the emergency on the same day that he signed a budget package that included $1.375 billion for fencing along parts of the border.

It comes after he demanded $5.7 billion of funding for a border wall in December, which ultimately led to a 35-day government shutdown when he was unable to get it through Congress.

Politico reports that this lawsuit is the third legal challenge to have been submitted in response to the president's emergency declaration at a White House news conference on Friday.

The others have been submitted on behalf of three Texas landowners who would be impacted by border wall construction, while another has been issued against the Department of Justice asking it to provide the legal justification for the president's declaration.

The White House has not commented on the states' lawsuit.

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