Minnesota leads the country in Census 2020 response rate

Minnesota has a lot on the line ahead of the decennial count.
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Minnesota has a lot to lose if all of its residents aren't counted in the 2020 Census, but current numbers show the state is responding at higher rates than the rest of the country.

As of Tuesday, more than 57 percent of Minnesota households have responded compared to around 48 percent nationally, giving it the highest response rate in the nation.

Wisconsin had the second-highest response rate at nearly 55 percent.

Carver County reported the highest response rate among counties at more than 67 percent. Of the state’s major cities, St. Paul had a response rate of 57 percent while a little more than 55 percent of Minneapolis households had responded.

COVID-19 has resulted in extended deadlines for census response rates and outreach efforts. The self-response deadline is currently Aug. 14.

The Trump administration is also asking Congress for more time to hand over results for redistricting purposes, according to Politico.

Census results are used to determine how many congressional seats a state has, as well as how much federal funding a state receives.

Minnesota could lose a congressional seat with this Census, potentially dropping to seven seats, according to recent estimates. Minnesota is one of eight states likely to lose a seat. 

The census will also guide around $15 billion in federal funding for Minnesota. 

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