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Minnesota man stayed in abandoned house while lost in Arizona

His dog was found safe and well.
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The Minnesota man who was missing for five days in northern Arizona after his car broke down spent days in an abandoned house while he looked for help.

Timothy Coen, 29, was found safe after a resident driving through the sparely populated Four Hills Ranch area of northern Arizona came across him on Tuesday morning.

He had not been seen since Thursday evening, when he told a friend his GMC Yukon had broken down and he was going to look for help along with his dog, Harlow.

Local police had told media how it was easy to get lost in what is a mostly deserted area, and it so proved with Coen, who was found around 15 miles away from where he'd left his vehicle.

After he was taken to a senior center by the resident who found him, Coen told police that he had been using an abandoned home as a base while he looked for help.

He'd left his dog there three days earlier and hadn't seen him since, as he was unable to find his way back to the home.

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Fortunately, Coen was able to give police a detailed description of the house and the area, and officers found Harlow in a good condition still at the house, which was 8 miles from where Coen was eventually found.

Harlow was taken to a local Humane Society for medical checks.

Coen meanwhile was treated by paramedics for dehydration but refused further treatment. Instead he was taken to a local hotel to rest and make arrangements to pick up his vehicle and dog.

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