Minnesota mother awakes to masked man peering into her daughter's window

It happened in the small town of South Haven in central Minnesota.
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A mother in a small Minnesota town west of the Twin Cities woke up to a person in a mask looking through a window of her home early Sunday morning. 

The woman, who asked to remain anonymous, was sleeping in her daughter's room when she awoke to the masked person peering into her South Haven home. 

"I used to think that nothing bad would ever happen in this tiny town... I thought that living out in the middle of the country made us safe," she wrote in a Facebook post. "I never locked my doors at night, slept with windows wide open and always left my keys in my car. Last night was the last night that I will go to bed feeling that safe."

The woman continued: 

"Early this morning, around 1am, while asleep on the floor of my daughters room after we had a “sleep over”, I woke up to a man in a mask outside my daughter’s window. Yes, it happened here in this town... I was home alone with the girls, with, at the time, no form of protection at the ready. I jumped up, flicked the lights on and off (in an attempt to scare him off and let him know I knew he was there), grabbed the girls, dialed 911, and ran into our bathroom and locked the door."

She tells BMTN that the masked person was wearing a black coat, black winter hat pulled down over his face with his chin sticking out. 

"It was very scary and quick and that’s all I can remember," she said. 

Lieutenant Matt Treichler of the Wright County Sheriff's Office says they responded to the scene with a K9 unit, but were unable to locate a track. 

"Several other units checked all the surrounding roadways for suspicious people or vehicles and did not locate anything," Lt. Treichler said.

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The woman said she was told by authorities on the scene that the K9 unit picked up a scent going from the window where she saw the masked person to a shed in their yard, but they weren't sure if it was the scent of a human or an animal.

Nothing was stolen and the case has been closed. 

"We have no idea who it was, so he is still out there. To all my neighbors and friends, please lock your doors," she said. 

Home Advisor has a list of 28 home security tips, with the following among them: 

  • Keep shrubbery around your home trimmed. 
  • Store expensive items inside a locked home, garage or shed. 
  • Use curtains on garage and/or basement windows. 
  • Install motion-sensor lighting near entrances. 
  • Form a neighborhood watch program. 
  • Keep all doors and windows locked at all times.
  • Consider buying a home security system. 
  • Install safety glass to keep burglars from breaking the glass. 

South Haven is located 20 along Hwy. 55, about 60 miles west of Minneapolis and 20 miles south of St. Cloud. 

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