Minnesota police officers kick door open, revive newborn and help deliver her twin

An amazing tale of heroism by two officers from the Wyoming Police Department.
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Two Minnesota police officers are being applauded for their life-saving efforts earlier this week. 

Officers Matt Paavola and Scott Boecker were on duty Tuesday morning when they were dispatched to a home in Wyoming for a mother who had gone into labor. 

Upon arrival, the door was locked and there was no other way inside, so they kicked the door open and found the mother inside, having just given birth to a baby girl. 

Frighteningly, the baby wasn't breathing. The officers immediately started mouth-to-mouth and chest compressions, doing so until the infant "came to life with that familiar newborn cry," according to Wyoming Police Department

Unbeknownst to the officers, the mother was pregnant with twins, and while they were performing CPR she shouted that the second baby was coming. As soon as baby Anna was breathing, they helped deliver her twin, Ashley. 

"As a Chief, you want to make sure you give your staff the necessary training to do their job, and you hope they recall that training when the need arises," said Wyoming Chief of Police, Paul Hoppe.

"On this day, these two officers performed flawlessly, professionally, without hesitation, with care and compassion to the family.

"I am pleased to introduce Anna and Ashley Mickelson to our community, and honor Officer Paavola, and Boecker who’s actions saved a life and kept this family’s experience a joyful moment."

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