Minnesota students get highest ACT scores in states where most take test

The national results were published on Wednesday.

Minnesota once again had the highest ACT scores in the nation for states where most students take the test.

The latest results for the college entrance exam released by ACT on Wednesday shows Minnesota students scored an average of 21.4 out of a possible 36.

Ninety-five percent of students in the state took the test, and their average score was the highest out of 18 states where more than 90 percent of states took the ACT.

Minnesota's 21.4 score shows student achievement is holding steady, with the state's average score being 21.3 last year and 21.5 two years before.

The national average this year, which includes all states even if only a minority take the exam, was 20.7.

"While Minnesota’s overall score is strong again, we still have work to do so that students of all backgrounds are ready for what’s next, whether that’s career or college,” said Education Commissioner Mary Cathryn Ricker.

"We can be proud but we cannot be satisfied. We will continue to learn from areas where we see promising results and expand opportunities for all students."

In terms of college readiness, 30% of Minnesota students who took the ACT met the college readiness benchmark in all four subjects of math, reading, English and science.

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However, 31% of students failed to attain the benchmark in any of the subjects. Still, this is better than the national average of 36%.

Overall, the ACT results found a drop in college readiness, with ACT noting it continues a long-term downward trend in math and English, with the number of students meeting readiness benchmarks in these two subjects at the lowest level in 15 years.

And there remains significant racial disparities in attainment, with just 11% of African-American students meeting three or more benchmarks, compared to 47% of white students and 62% of Asian-American students.

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