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Minnesota surrounded by states reporting highest levels of COVID-19 hospitalizations

Of 16,656 people tested in Wisconsin in the latest reporting period, more than 3,100 were positive.
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Minnesota's COVID-19 hospitalizations are rising, but aren't yet at the record levels seen in late May. However, all of Minnesota's neighboring states are reporting record high numbers of people with COVID-19 in the hospitals. 

– Wisconsin: Hit a record high of 907 hospitalizations on Oct. 9. Of those, 228 patients are in an ICU. 

– North Dakota: Hit a record high of 136 hospitalizations on Oct. 5 and is at 132 as of Oct. 8. Thirty of the 132 patients are in an ICU. Ninety-six of the 132 are over the age of 60, while nine of the patients are under the age of 40.

– South Dakota: 267 currently hospitalized, which is 17 fewer than the record of 284 reported Thursday. The Department of Health reports that 62% of the state's non-ICU hospital beds are occupied, 11% of them by COVID-19 patients. The state's ICU beds are 73% filled, 20% of those occupied by COVID-19 patients. 

– Iowa: 461 hospitalizations reported Friday by the health department is a new record for Iowa. Of those, 104 patients are in intensive care. 

Minnesota currently has 471 COVID-19 patients hospitalized, including 133 in intensive care. It's the highest the state has seen at one time going back to at least the beginning of August, which is as far back as the Minnesota Department of Health is reporting since removing hospital totals from the public view for two weeks beginning Sept. 24. 

Minnesota's record number of COVID-19 hospitalizations at one point was 606 on May 28. The current total (471) is the most since June 6 (473). 

The situation in Wisconsin prompted Gov. Tony Evers to enact more restrictions on indoor public space capacity this week, with the state currently posting the 3rd highest rate of COVID-19 infections in the country, behind South Dakota and Iowa.

Midwest states have also seen the highest number of cases in single reporting periods of late, including North Dakota (Oct. 7), South Dakota (Oct. 7) and Wisconsin (Oct. 9) all hitting single-day highs this week. 

Wisconsin tested 16,656 people in the latest reporting period and more than 3,100 were positive for COVID-19, which is a test positivity rate of 18.8%. Minnesota's test positivity rate for Thursday was 8.25%, with 1,401 positives from just over 16,000 people tested. 

Minnesota has consistently had between 900 and 1,500 new cases almost daily since Sept. 24. 

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