Minnesota to blame for foul smell in Kansas City that had people calling 911

That's what they get for living downstream...
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People in Kansas City, Missouri, have been making a stink about a stench that can be traced back to Minnesota. 

"That was awful. Damn near made me gag," said a Kansas City resident in response to the National Weather Service in Kansas City's Nov. 7 tweet that blamed the "questionable air quality" in their area on a farm in southern Minnesota. 

KMBC meteorologist Nick Bender pointed to Top Notch Stock Farm, a cattle farm, near Albert Lea as the likely source of the stink. It's located just northwest of interstates 35 and 90. 

The smell was bad enough that Kansas City residents were calling 911 to report the odor, to which the Kansas City Police Department responded: "Please do not call 911 because it smells like (poop emoji) outside. Thank you."

A Fox meteorologist literally used a graphic on TV that read "There's Something In The Air," with a bunch of poop emojis pasted on the map. 

According to KSHB meteorologist Lindsey Anderson, "the odor got trapped in a shallow part of the atmosphere in Minnesota and Iowa and traveled south with the frontal passage to Kansas City."

What can we say? Winter is coming and the winds are blowing from the north most of the time, so that's what they get for living in a warmer region. Buy some Febreeze, or something. 

Oh, by the way, a cold front is moving through Minnesota today, so get ready downstream, Kansas City. 

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