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Minnesota will be one of the states voting on Super Tuesday 2020

We were officially added to the big lineup on Friday.
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2020's presidential primary season will put Minnesota on the national stage, as it's officially part of the Super Tuesday lineup.

On Friday, leaders of both parties announced that Minnesota will be joining nine other states on the big day, which is scheduled for Tuesday, March 3, next year. 

The decision was reached through a joint agreement between Republicans and DFLers, and finalized with Secretary of State Steve Simon's office just one week before the deadline, the Star Tribune reports.  

As the paper points out, this represents a chance at national exposure, with Simon saying it "really puts Minnesota in the spotlight" and provides a "great opportunity to showcase our political involvement and energy.”

As for what it means for the individual voter, a user on reddit's Minnesota page put it best:

"Hey, maybe I'll get to vote in a primary before the candidates are already decided for the first time!"

In other words, Minnesota could play a major role in deciding the 2020 presidential nominees, and in effect, possibly the next president of the United States. 

However, all the focus will probably be on Democrats, since there's likely to be no competition for the 2020 Republican nomination. It will almost certainly go to President Donald Trump, as sitting presidents are rarely challenged during primary season. 

One possible drawback is that Minnesota could get "lost in the crowd" on Super Tuesday, MPR notes.

However, DFL chair Ken Martin told the station that while it's "certainly a risk we take," it helps the party stick to its overall electoral and political schedule — which includes a state convention in June.

The other states casting votes on Super Tuesday are: Alabama, California, Massachusetts, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas, Vermont and Virginia. 

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