Minnesotans in their thousands donate food, supplies to riot-hit families

A magnificent effort.
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After one of the most heartbreaking weeks in its history, the people of the Twin Cities and Greater Minnesota came to the aid of their neighbors at the many food drives being held in Minneapolis on Sunday.

The magnificent effort could be seen at several locations thanks to the organization of volunteers, but was no better exemplified than at Sanford Middle School 42nd Avenue South, where a call was made for food and supply donations to help students afflicted by the civil unrest.

It was there that organizers asked for a meager 85 bags of groceries, only to be met with such an overwhelming amount that it quickly became overwhelmed, as were other sites across the city.

The scene was replicated at other donation sites including at Hiawatha Collegiate College High School on 28th Street, just a few blocks from Lake Street where much of the damage occurred during the protests and riots.

A drive-thru donation service was set up, with a long-line of cars filled with food and vital household supplies were donated.

It marks a positive end to an otherwise traumatic week for the city and particularly its black community, following the killing of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis police on Monday.

BMTN has put together a running list of donation sites to help businesses and residents back on their feet once the unrest is over. You can find it here.

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