Minnesota's 2nd coronavirus patient was in contact with up to 20 others

Health officials have provided another update Monday afternoon.
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The Minnesota Department of Health says that as many as 20 people may have been in contact with the state's second coronavirus patient.

The MDH confirmed on Sunday that a patient in their 50s from Carver County has tested positive for the virus, with the county then saying that they got it after traveling in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, at the end of February.

On Monday, officials said there are 20 others with whom the patient may have been in contact with since returning to Minnesota.

The patient began exhibiting symptoms last Monday, Mar. 2 and reported those symptoms on Saturday. The test came back positive Sunday.

Health workers began the process of contacting everyone the patient had contact with on Sunday into Monday morning, with those at serious risk of getting the virus told to self-quarantine themselves for 2 weeks.

Those most at risk of getting the virus from someone else are those who have spent 10 minutes or more within 6 feet of them.

Those who just passed by an infected person are less at risk, though the virus can be transmitted by touching the same surfaces and touching your face afterwards, if you have not washed your hands in the interim.

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As of Monday afternoon, 82 people have been tested for coronavirus in Minnesota, with only two positive results.

The other coronavirus patient, a Ramsey County resident who had recently been on the Grand Princess cruise ship, where there has been a COVID-19 outbreak, is not believed to have been in contact with many people before they were diagnosed.

Some of Minnesota's biggest health insurers, including Blue Cross, UnitedHealth and UCare, have said they will not charge enrollees for coronavirus screenings.

To prevent the spread of the disease, Minnesotans are advised to wash their hands thoroughly and regularly, not to touch their faces, stay home when sick, and cough into a tissue or their sleeve.

The Department of Health says it is not identifying the individual cities COVID-19 patients are from in Minnesota due to patient privacy.

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