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Minnesota's confirmed coronavirus cases rise to 77

This number does not reflect the actual number of cases in Minnesota, as testing is limited.


The Minnesota Department of Health says that of the 17 new cases confirmed on Wednesday, the patients range in age from 21 to 71.

Other notes:

– Out of all cases in Minnesota, the age range is 17 to 94.

– 7 cases have required hospitalization, but 3 have since been released. 1 remains ctitical.

– 6 cases are now confirmed as resulting from community transmission, up from 3.

– We have had 13 cases from healthcare workers, but their transmission was all related to travel, not work.

– 10 patients are either school age or a school employee.

– The median age of a patient is 50.

– 46 patients are male, 31 are female.

– Anoka County has 3 cases, Benton 1, Blue Earth 2, Carver 2, Dakota 8, Hennepin 28, Martin 2, Nicollet 2, Olmsted 6, Ramsey 12, Renville 1, Scott 1, Stearns 3, Waseca 1, Washington 3, Wright 2.

11 a.m.

There are now 77 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Minnesota, a rise from the 60 reported on Tuesday.

The updated figure from the Minnesota Department of Health represents the number of confirmed cases as of 8 p.m. Tuesday.

Counties with confirmed cases are as follows: Anoka, Benton, Blue Earth, Carver, Dakota, Hennepin, Martin, Nicollet, Olmsted, Ramsey, Renville, Scott, Stearns, Waseca, Washington, Wright

Martin, Scott and Nicollet counties have their first confirmed cases.

The health department tested 426 of samples on Tuesday, a slight decrease on the day before, which comes after additional restrictions were placed on who could be tested for the virus due to the nationwide shortage of testing kits and supplies. The MDH reports that 2,762 tests have been conducted in total, although that does not include negative test results from independent locations, like the Mayo Clinic. 

Testing for COVID-19 is now being limited to those requiring hospitalization, healthcare workers, and those in "congregant living situations," such as long-term care homes.

As such, the number of confirmed cases does not reflect the actual total in Minnesota, with MDH infectious disease director Kris Ehresmann saying with testing limited and community transmission now happening, the total number is likely much higher.

Those who don't require hospitalization and aren't healthcare workers/long-term care residents are being told to isolate themselves and manage their symptoms at home.

Here's how the number of cases have risen in the past week.

  • Wednesday - 5 total.
  • Thursday - 9 total
  • Friday - 14 total
  • Saturday - 21 total
  • Sunday - 35 total
  • Monday - 54 total
  • Tuesday - 60 total
  • Wednesday - 77 total

You can see an interactive map of estimated totals for every Minnesota county right here

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