Minnesota's coronavirus patient had little contact with others

Health officials are hopeful there is no transmission of the virus.
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Minnesota's health department is hopeful that there the state's only coronavirus patient has not passed it on to anyone else.

In an update on Saturday, the Minnesota Department of Health said there are "no community exposures of concern" after the first presumptive case of the virus was identified on Friday.

The patient, who is over the age of 65 and from Ramsey County, is quarantined at their home, but has been interviewed by health officials to determine how many people he has been in contact with since contracting the disease.

The patient was a passenger on the Grand Princess cruise ship, which suffered an outbreak at sea and is still being held in a holding pattern offshore. The Minnesotan left the ship before it went into quarantine.

Kris Ehresmann, the infectious disease director at MDH, said on Saturday that the patient had "no exposures that lasted longer than 10 minutes that were within 6 feet of another person."

Ehresmann also confirmed that there remained 42 Minnesotans aboard the quarantined Grand Princess ship. 

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A further 25 Minnesotans got off the ship at the same time as the Ramsey County patient, but only one other person has shown symptoms of the coronavirus – and has been tested negative. All the others showed no symptoms and are past the 2-week incubation period.

The patient who did contract coronavirus was examined at an M Health Fairview facility, with the health company saying the patient wore a mask, while staff followed procedures to limit exposure.

Ehresmann said the health worker who saw the patient was also wearing a mask, and that they are considered "very low risk" of getting the bug.

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