Minnesota's minimum wage to rise on Jan. 1

Minimum wage workers will see a pay rise in 2019.
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Minnesota's minimum wage workers will see their pay increase on New Year's Day, as the state's minimum wage rises with inflation.

The minimum wage for large employers – companies with revenues of $500,000 or more – is currently $9.65-an-hour in Minnesota, but on Jan. 1, this will rise to $9.86.

For those who work 40-hour weeks, this corresponds to a $438.80 increase in gross pay over the course of the year.

Smaller employers – those with less than $500,000 revenue – will have to start paying their minimum wage employees $8.04-an-hour. 

The training wage rate and the youth wage rate is at $8.04.

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The minimum wage levels don't apply in the city of Minneapolis, which has a minimum wage of $10.25 for companies with fewer than 100 workers and $11.25 for those with more.

St. Paul is implementing its own minimum wage, but this won't start being phased in until July 1, 2020.

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