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Minnesota's infamous 'neighbor from hell' faces new stalking charges

The harassment, Lori Christensen's newest neighbors say, continues.
Lori Christensen during a 2013 interview with ABC's "20/20."

Lori Christensen during a 2013 interview with ABC's "20/20."

The Minnesota woman known internationally as the "neighbor from hell" is once again being accused of endlessly harassing the next door homeowners.

Lori T. Christensen first rose to infamy a decade ago, after her yearslong harassment of her White Bear Lake neighbors led to the made-for-TV moniker. It was all enough to capture the attention of 20/20, which highlighted the "more than 100 calls to police, almost 50 citations and enough mugshots to fill a photo album."

In 2013, she was sentenced to five years probation and 50 hours of community service after pleading guilty to a felony harassment charge. She was also ordered to stay away from her victims, the Hoffmans. 

Christensen, once again, is facing serious allegations of erratic behavior and harassment, this time from her current neighbors in White Bear Township.

Christensen, 58, was charged in Ramsey County Thursday with two counts of stalking – one of them a felony, this being her third alleged stalking violation in the past decade. Her alleged actions, which reportedly started in 2016, forced her then-neighbors to move out in December of 2019, saying they "could no longer tolerate" her behavior, according to the charges.

What is Christensen accused of doing now? 

The neighbors, identified by their initials PF and TF, provided a list of what they alleged was harassment and inappropriate behavior starting in 2016. According to the complaint, PF and TF said:

  • Christensen regularly video taped the family when they were in the front or back yard, or when out riding their bikes, to the point where their daughter was uncomfortable going outside.
  • Christensen, in summer of 2017, ran into their yard and bit their dog.
  • Christensen routinely swore at the family's blind dog and PF, yelling obscenities and accusing PF of being drunk, blond and "not having intellectual capacity."
  • Christensen berated and filmed a fencing contractor and city inspector.
  • Christensen filed a bevy of complaints against PF and TF to the sheriff's department and township manager, including accusations they stored property on the side of their home, put sump pump water in a creek, and were parking incorrectly.
  • Christensen kept a female mannequin head on a stake on her deck, and would sometimes turn it to look at PF.
  • Christensen is suspected of cutting a cable line to PF and TF's home, as it went through her yard.
  • Christensen praised her barking dog as it attacked a fence that workers were working on.

All of this led to PF and TF moving out of the home in December 2019, the charges allege. PF's sister and her children moved in, and Christensen's conduct resumed against them. 

PF and TF have opted to sell the property. Four realtors provide separate accounts in the criminal complaint, alleging problematic behavior, starting in May of 2021:

  • On May 1, 2021, one realtor on the site called to say Christensen was harassing other agents and buyers on the site. She also took photos of his license plate, filmed his clients (who were Asian), and parked her car in the cul de sac while displaying "Donald Trump" banners on it.
  • Another realtor said their buyers liked the home, but passed because of an encounter with Christensen.
  • A third realtor wrote: "Crazy neighbor lady was the biggest factor. Scared my buyers away as she’d be too high maintenance for my buyer’s family. Loved the home and property." Christensen apparently yelled at visitors that people were smoking meth in the home.
  • A fourth said Christensen walked up to he and his clients, yelled at him about where he'd parked, threatened to call the police, and when he went to leave yelled: “F*** you! Go back to your f*****g country and get the f*** out of my neighborhood.” She slapped her behind in front of him as he drove away.

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What Christensen told investigators

Investigators spoke with Christensen. Here's what she told them, according to the criminal complaint:

"PF and TF moved next door to her in 2016. They have not lived there for eighteen months. They borrowed lawn tools from her and returned them broken. Regarding the sale of the home, she did not approach prospective buyers. They approached her. She has a 1st amendment right to freedom of speech. Christensen said she told people about a fire that happened in 2014 saying people had a right to know that there was a fire in the house. When asked if she told prospective buyers that there were people doing drugs in the house, Christensen said she may have mentioned there were 'Meth Heads' over there. She videotaped her conversations with people to protect herself. Christensen reported she remained on her property."

A restraining order dated May 3 bars Christensen from having contact with, taking photos of, or visiting the home of PF. She also cannot have contact with any visitors to the home.

Christensen has three 2011 convictions, all misdemeanors, for harassment related to violating a restraining order, according to Minnesota's online criminal history database. In 2016, she was convicted of misdemeanor assault and sentenced to 45 days in jail.

Christensen was arrested Thursday and had her first court appearance Friday. Her next, an omnibus hearing, is slated for June 24. If convicted on the felony stalking charge, she faces up to 10 years in prison and/or up to a $20,000 fine.

Here's the 20/20 segment, for those interested in watching:

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