Missing 2-year-old drove toy tractor to local county fair in Minnesota

No word on if he entered the tractor pull competition.
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It's a lot funnier now than it was for parents of a toddler who was suddenly missing from their home in east-central Minnesota last week. 

While positioned at a booth at the Chisago County Fair, the Chisago County Sheriff's Office says the first call of the night last Thursday was for a missing 2-year-old "who drove his tractor from home, to the fair." 

Just as the boy arrived at the fairgrounds, some people noticed he was alone and brought it to the attention of a sheriff's department employee, who had just gotten word of a missing juvenile in the area, according to WCCO. 

It turned out that the boy was playing in the front yard of his home a few blocks away and decided to hop on his John Deere Turf Tractor and take it for a spin. 

"He was reunited with Dad who promptly suspended his son's license by removing the battery from it," the sheriff's office joked. 

The department's Facebook post about the incident has more than 230 comments, some of which are too good not to share. Here's a sampling: 

– "This kid is brilliant. His ability at that age to make connections necessary to conceive of an idea and then actually be able to create a plan and put it into motion, and remain determined the entire time without asking for help? My gosh. He can be and do anything in the world he chooses."

– "This story is too funny. I can see a 2 year old riding his tractor to the fair. He's a little kid. It's the dead of summer. Where is all the action? At the fair!! John Deere should be calling for a commercial shoot. Fortunately no one, especially the boy, got hurt."

– "I smell a commercial deal from John Deere."

– "What was said toddler's Blood Sugar Levels?? No doubt the tractor was all over the road."

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