MN man who allegedly groped Minnie Mouse banned from Disney World

It's one of two incidents he was allegedly involved in.
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Amid increasing reports about groping incidents involving costumed characters at Walt Disney World, a Minnesota man accused of same won't be returning to the Magic Kingdom for a while.

The unidentified man, who lives in the southwest Minnesota city of Brewster, has reportedly been banned from Disney parks. 

According to an Associated Press report, the penalty stems from a Dec. 4 incident in which the Minnesotan allegedly groped the chest of a Minnie Mouse actress while she was posing with him and his wife for a photograph. 

It's not the only groping the 61-year-old is accused of at Disney World, with the news service saying he was reported for “an inappropriate interaction with a cast member” the following day.

There are no other details regarding the second incident.

In an interview with the Star Tribune, the man, a farmer, denies the accusation, saying it's "wrong to accuse somebody who did nothing."

The paper says the cast member who played Minnie Mouse decline to press charges; however, the ban against the man will last a year.

In a lengthy September article about the abuse endured by Disney cast members, the Orlando Sentinel says such reports "are likely just the tip of the iceberg because employees say many problems go unreported to authorities."

The paper says park workers have also been rammed by strollers, punched in the face, head-butted, and in one case, nearly pushed onto the moving platform of the Peter Pan ride by an angry parent.

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